Friday, July 14, 2006

A Question of Loyalty?

A week ago we requested, here, that Mr Firtgerald of Unfutz provide some evidence of recent remarks he attributes to Senator Lieberman. Mr. Fitzgerald left us a loquatious reply in the comments, but seems to have neglected to provide such evidence. He concludes in his reply:

"That you expected some sort of additional complex explication of well-known current events seems strange to me."

To be clear, if there were such "recent remarks", we would hope that Mr. Fitgerald would simply supply us with a quotation, and a source. If we had wanted a complex explication, that is what we would have asked for.

Mr. Fitzgerald, in his reponse, further adds the charge that Senator Lieberman has been "fighting the *process*" rather than "fighting against *Lamont*". But, convention endorsements, primary elections, and general elections are all part of the process. Senator Lieberman has participated in all three and has not questioned anyone else's right to do so. It is not clear where Senator Lieberman is presumed to have opposed the process.

Senator Lieberman has said, in the July 7 debate:

"I want Democrats to be back in the majority in Washington and elect a Democratic president in 2008. This man [Lamont] and his supporters will frustrate and defeat our hopes of doing that."

In Mr. Fitzgerald's view of "loyalty":

"Loyalty, in general, is a fine principle to uphold, but there are times when it can get in the way of doing the right thing, and in those situations jettisoning the bonds of loyalty can be the ethical and moral thing to do. That is in no way the case in our current situation."

Mr. Fitzgerald goes on to assert that this is the case because he believes that the Democratic Party "is the only available mechanism by which the Republican oligarchy can be overthrown, and, because of that, disloyalty to the party at this moment in time is an especially egregious sin."

It is clear from the above quotes that Mr. Fitzgerald and Senator Lieberman have a fundamental disagreement as to what is best for the Democratic Party, as well as for the citizens of Connecticut. But it is disturbing that anyone disagreeing with Mr. Fitzgerald on this issue, is therefore guilty, in his view, of "disloyalty".

Hypothetically, were Senator Lieberman opposing, not a candidate who is not in the best interests of his party, but a war not in the best interests of his country, would he not be guilty, in Mr. Fitgerald's construction, of disloyalty, were he to continue his opposition even after a fair vote on the issue?

Friday, July 07, 2006

A false safety´┐Ż


Per The Washington Times:
"Possibly the worst thing about mandating that handguns be sold with locks is that it exaggerates the risks of guns in the home and scares some people into not owning them."

Which is to say there is absolutley no remotely reasonable argument whatsoever against mandated trigger locks.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Jersey's Budget


Again at RedState, Mr. Cleary reports:

"It's in all the papers today: New Jersey, collapsing under the weight of its budget, has shut down."


"And so, because they can't make ends meet, reports Bloomberg, about 45,000 state employees in 31 departments, agencies and authorities will be furloughed as non-essential functions begin to shut down. Corzine, for his part, foresees a potential state deficit of $4.5 billion"

But the shutdown, per the Bloomberg link Mr Cleary provides, is due to the failure of the legislature to pass a budget.

Moreover, the state's on budget deficit for this fiscal year is projected at $68 million, which would amount to less than 8 dollars per capita for the States 8.7 million residents. The structural deficit (which includes off budget items like unfunded pension obligations) of $4.8 billion, which Mr. Corzine projects for 2007 if his budget is not passed, would amount to under $520 per capita. Compare those numbers to the fiscal year 2006 federal budget deficit of $423 billion, or over $1,400 per capita. And compare the state's total of $30 billion in bonded debt, about $3,400 per capita, to the outstanding federal debt of $8.4 trillion, which amounts to over $28,000 per capita.

So why then the standoff in New Jersey? It is because the state's leaders have been unable to agree to either adress their fiscal imbalances responsibly, as they ought, or to ignore them, as their Washington counterparts have done.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Red Plague on NAM


At RedState, they've promoted to the front page a diary questioning the science on global warming:

"Watching CNN this week -- blessedly with the sound off -- we saw images of the brush fires in Sedona, Arizona. Under the video was a graphic at the bottom that said, 'Warming at Work?' Mind you, this is during a week of torrential rains in Washington, causing media folks and lefties (but we repeat ourselves) to wonder aloud if it was global warming come to roost.

And so that set us to thinkin' about just how many things might be attributable to global warming. Thanks to Carter Wood -- and the Internet -- we found a site that actually keeps track of such things. So check out this site -- it's a pretty impressive list if we do say so ourselves. Not sure all ten plagues are on there, but hey -- we figure it's just a matter of time. Maybe we should just e-mail them and make sure they include frogs, locusts, boils, the whole nine -- or ten -- yards.

It really is the new catch-all excuse. Next time you're late for work, just tell the boss it's global warming. Somewhere there will be a scientist to back you up. From there, consensus is just around the corner. "

An entry which the author, Mr. Cleary, has crossposted at the official blog of the National Association of Manufacturers, where he is credited as "Blogger-in-Chief".

Now, if a vengeful God ever were to wish, in his wrath, to wreak destruction on modern civilization, we doubt whether he would still choose to employ flies, gnats, locusts, boils and pestilence. We suspect, instead, that he would only need send the National Association of Manufacturers.

Talking Trash


Joshua Micah Marshall says: "So I'm not sure there's anything unfair or incorrect about what I said below."

When what he said of the Connecticut Senate race is that:

"I think that Lieberman's key issue in this race is proving, to put it bluntly, that he's not a weasel."

and that:

"He's telegraphing weakness and equivocation and the alleged trait that got him in this fix to start with."

So Mr. Marshal's position is that a moderate should not persue his own party's nomination for fear of being thought a weasel. And, Mr. Marshal is not accusing the Senator of actually equivocating on any issue, but rather of "telegraphing" these character traits, which are merely "alleged." Talk about "equivocation."

Twisting Progressively with Unfutz


ed fitzgerald's unfutz: "Apparently, Lieberman's understanding of the purpose of elections expressed here doesn't extend to primaries, which, judging by his recent remarks and actions, he appears to think ought to be rubber-stamps for incumbents."

Mr. Fitzgerald seems to miscomprehend a perfectly reasonable quote from a book of Senator Lieberman's, and further, fails to provide any evidence in terms of "recent remaks or actions" to support his charge.

Mr. Fitzgerald further goes on to accuse Senator Lieberman of "extreme disloyalty", apparently due to the Senator's determination to represent the majority of Conneticuts voters, rather than a partisan, idealogically extreme, activist minority of the Democratic party.

We find this quote from the Senator particularly apt:
"It is these forces--partisanship, special interest groups, the need for money, the demands of campaigning, the power of the media--that can twist a politicians priorities..."

But, in this case, it appears to be Mr. Fitgerald who is doing the twisting.

Truth, Justice .... And All That Stuff


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